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About Jet Ski Rental San Diego

Experience the thrills of riding jet ski rental San Diego at rapid speeds on the American waters. Start your thrilling water adventure on the beautiful bay of downtown San Diego. You can take the jet ski ride with one more person according to weight requirements. So, you can expect to take your family member, friend, lover, or child for double fun. The jet ski takes you from the Coronado bridge into the waters of San Diego bay that eventually meet the Pacific Ocean. Amidst your journey, you come across the USS midway through the 5 miles of your journey encircling the coastline.

As you ride the jet ski, you can see the beautiful sights of the Coronado Bridge, Downtown, Marina Harbor Island, Shelter Island, and Point Loma. While traveling, you may be lucky enough to see dolphins, birds, seals, or sea lions. Boating in the bay is less crowded, which will make your experience even more pleasant. The ride is safe and sound due to the high-end riding equipment that attaches you to the bike and forbids it to move without you.

Why Should You Rent A Jet Ski in San Diego?

You must book jet ski rental San Diego tickets online from us to ensure your thrilling bike fun. Owing to the popularity of the activity, the tickets get sold out very frequently. The online booking system lets you book jet ski tickets for your preferred date, from the comfort of your home. You can choose from a variety of deals and discounts available on the website to make your trip more budget-friendly. Once you book the tickets, you get a confirmation message. With the jet ski rental San Diego tickets, you can depart for the activity from Mission Bay.

Options for Jet Ski Rental in San Diego

75 Minute Jet Ski

Transverse through the waves of San Diego Bay for 75 minutes on the 2022 Yamaha Jet Ski. The high-power bike is capable of running in the waters with excellence and grandeur. The top model bike is one of the latest ones that you can drive on San Diego Bay. With San Diego jet ski rental, you can explore 5 miles of coastline of the enchanting Californian waters. The jet ski takes you from Coronado Bridge to USS Midway, before ending at the popular Bait Barge.

2-Hour Jet Ski

For whooping 2 hours, ride the 2022 Yamaha Jet Ski through the waves of San Diego Bay. The jet ski can entertain 2 people at once to run in the water with splendor. The top model and high-power bike are one of the most recent models available for use in San Diego Bay. You can explore 5 miles of coastline with San Diego Bay Jet Ski Rental. Starting from the Coronado Bridge to the USS Midway, the jet ski ride takes you to the popular Bait Barge.

Know Before You Book Jet Ski Rental San Diego

What to Expect
Safety Rules
Other Essentials
  • You must be 18 years of age to enjoy jet ski rental San Diego.

  • Please reach the location of departing 30 minutes before the reservation.

  • Sign safety waivers as you reach the location.

  • You can get a wetsuit with the bike rental as the bay is relatively cooler that you have to cover yourself.

  • Before you go for the ride, you can learn about driving the jet ski.There is no hidden fee and gas is included.

  • Two people can sit on the wave runner bike.

  • You can either choose from a 75-minute or 2-hour ride.

  • Pay attention to weather details.

  • It is mandatory to wear a life jacket as you ride the jet ski.

  • You can get a life jacket that fits according to your body measurements, weight and size.

  • Double check if you are attached to the switch chord as it would stop the bike if you fall into the water.

  • If you ride the bike with a passenger, you must ensure both of you wear all the necessary safety equipment and are ready.

  • Don’t drink before you ride a jet ski.

  • Refrain from touching pump intake. Keep your hands, and feet away from it.

  • Keep in mind the boating laws of California.

  • With the tickets, you get access to the jet ski in San Diego Bay.

  • Two people can ride a single jet ski.

  • One life jacket is included.

  • Parking discount voucher.

  • You get fuel for powering the bike.

  • A single Jet ski bike can withstand 350 lbs or 158 kg of weight.

  • Two people can board the ride together to reach this maximum weight, if not, only a single person is allowed.

  • Visitors who don’t come 30 minutes before the ride, won’t be allowed.

  • If you end your jet ski ride later than the said time, you are bound to pay a US $50 fine per 10 minutes.

  • People who consume alcohol or are drugged before the ride aren’t allowed.

  • The driver of the jet ski must be 18 years old with a valid driving license.

  • The minimum boarding age is 8.

  • What You’ll See: San Diego Bay encompasses Chula Vista North and is the closest water body to downtown San Diego. The Bay eventually meets the Pacific Ocean. You can catch mesmerizing sites of Coronado Bridge, Downtown, Marina Harbor Island, Shelter Island and Point Loma as you ride the jet ski. Amidst your journey, you can catch the beautiful sight of dolphins, birds, seals, and sea lions. The bay is less crowded for boating, making your experience even more enjoyable.

  • Things to Bring: For the San Diego jet ski rental, you must bring sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect yourself from direct sun.

FAQ's of Jet Ski Rental in San Diego

What do you need to rent a jet ski in California?

You must be 18 years old to ride and drive and possess a legal and valid driving license to ride a jet ski rental San Diego California.

How old do you have to be to rent and drive a jetski in San Diego?

You must be 18 years old to drive the jet ski. The minimum passenger age for boarding the jet ski is 8. This means you can take your children who are 8 and above to sit behind while you ride the water bike.

How much does it cost to rent a Jet Ski in San Diego?

The San Diego jet ski rental for 75 minutes is around US $99 and the 2-hour jet ski is around US $179.

What are the required documents for jet Ski rental in San Diego?

A legal and valid driving license is required to board San Diego Bay jet ski rental. Upon arrival at the Mission’s Bay for departure, you sign safety waiver papers.

Which are the Things to Bring for Jet Ski Rentals in San Diego?

You must bring sunscreen and sunglasses to protect yourself from direct sun while riding the jet ski rental in the bay of San Diego.


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